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Business Opportunities


Alumni around the world interact with Lincoln University all the time. As guest lecturers, mentors, donors of time and funds, employers and commercial partners. 

To explore opportunities with Lincoln University, please make contact with LincolnConnect.

0800 10 60 10
+64 3 325 2811
PO Box 85084, Lincoln University
Christchurch, New Zealand


We live in a changing world with many challenges facing us, such as:

  • Climate fluctuations
  • Economic, social and environmental issues
  • Food security, safety and supply
  • Water, energy and distribution of those resources.

These challenges present extraordinary opportunities for us to apply smart design, ideas, education, research, innovation and technologies to find global solutions. This is where you and Lincoln can make a difference.  

Opportunities to partner with Lincoln University or to fund activities include, for example:

Research and development:
from commissioning a research project to extend your R&D, accessing specialist advice or financially supporting a research programme. 

Sponsorship: supporting a high-performing sports team, to sponsoring equipment or infrastructure. 

Accessing infrastructure and specialist equipment: housing your R&D function within Lincoln facilities, hiring labs and equipment or donating land or facilities. 

University services: access the extensive library and other resources, attend lectures or engage the professional conference and events team.

Develop your talent pipeline: provide scholarships to increase the pool of land-based graduates, work with Lincoln to build your own leadership programme or support a postgraduate or summer intern on a project of your choice.

Join the Lincoln network: re-enrol as a student, mentor a current student, support an internship or offer a guest lecture.

Make a donation: it is also possible to make a philanthropic donation to the University. For more information on donating to the University please contact Alumni and Development Manager, Naomi Wilde, +64 3 423 0311,

Lincoln University produces strong work-ready graduates and exemplary alumni who are already applying their skills in the ever-changing world.

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We see a great future with committed partners, and look forward to exploring what we can achieve together.